2013 charitable Xmas Dinner at YMCA

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2013 charitable Xmas Dinner at YMCA

文章Mr.T » 13 12月 2013 23:51


The 2013 charitable X-Mas Dinner sponsored by the members of tearoom-hk.com, has been a heart-warming success. More than 200 people enjoyed a happy Xmas lunch at the Hong Kong YMCA Bridge Street Centre today and made all the efforts of our hard-working members a success of love and happiness.

I would like to express my special thank you for those of who spent their valuable time and contribution to make this event happen. We can never do enough to support our less-fortunate fellow beings; no win without dare! There were 200+ winners today who will remember Xmas 2013 for a long time.


Check out the event's blog, created by our onsite-reporter Bananamom here blog/ymca/
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